Bake Sale

So, as it turns out: Having a baby is quite expensive. As many of you know Owen and I have been married for almost 13 months and we have a beautiful, charming, and loving little 3 month old boy Everett. I don’t think I will shock anyone by saying that the economy is bad and times are hard. Unfortunately, I don’t see a turn for the better happening any time in the immediate future for this family. There are three simple things that have attributed to our particular circumstances:

1) We had a baby- I was out of work for 2.5 months taking care of my precious gift from God.

2) We had a baby- While I was out of work, not earning any money, we were collecting debt the from hospital bills and pediatrician visits.

3) This summer is the last of Owen’s undergrad academic year- which means he is working an internship which unfortunately is unpaid, so instead of earning 80 hours every paycheck he is only earning 40 hours- working his normal job only part time.

Fortunately, his boss has been very understanding of the situation and the fact that Owen needs to complete this internship this summer and has been letting Owen work as much as he can- that has helped a lot.

Graduation Day

All of that to say that we are in the midst of a rough patch. To make matters worse, Owen’s entire extended family lives on the west coast and the money that we would have normally saved to fly out to see his family this summer had to go towards our baby bills. It is incredibly important to my husband to be able to share his baby boy- his pride and joy with his extended family. It breaks my heart to see the look on his face when he realizes that this is not even an option for us right now- and I can’t take it any longer. So this is what I propose: A bake sale of sorts. I am willing to do whatever it takes to see my husband’s face when he introduces his baby to his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Below, if you feel so inclined, you can order a dozen or more cookies and contribute to our cause. Our goal is simply to raise enough money to fly home to introduce our baby to the family. I will keep you posted with frequent blog posts updating you on our progress. If we end up with more than we need we will put the extra towards checking our baggage, and if we have even more than enough for that we will put the extra away in savings for our next trip home! Ideally we would like to get there in time for the annual family picnic, but we don’t have much time. Luckily: I believe in miracles 🙂 We can do this, but only with your help!

Here’s the DL-

IF YOU LIVE IN LYNCHBURG- I would like to deliver your cookies to you to save money on shipping!

IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE OF LYNCHBURG- We ask that you make the minimum donation  and add a little extra to account for shipping costs.

IF YOU LIVE ON THE WEST COAST- And we will be able to see you when we visit, we would like to deliver your cookies to you while we are there..again to save on shipping 🙂 If we won’t see you (sad face) please also account for shipping.

Here is the order form: Please keep in mind that you are donating money to our cause you are not buying goods or services (BIG DIFFERENCE TO THE IRS). The cookies are simply our way of saying thank you.

As of right now you can pay by check or check- We are working on getting our ‘donate’ paypal button made. As soon as I have received payment I will get your cookies out of the door. If you would like a different kind of cookie or a higher amount than 5 dozen please message me or leave me a comment!

Checks can be made out to and mailed to:

Owen Baker

423 Warren Ave

Lynchburg, Va 24501

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Offering Work!!

Lynchburg Area Friends,

As many of you know my husband and I just had our first little one, Everett, in March. With my being on maternity leave and Owen working his internship (unpaid) times are a little hard financially right now. We planned on this and with our savings we have been able to keep up with our normal bills for the most part. Unfortunately, Owen’s family lives on the West Coast and with the exception of his immediate family we have not been able to introduce our little boy to his extended family and it doesn’t look like we will be able to do so any time soon. So, knowing how important it is to my husband and his family to get to travel to the west coast and introduce them to the youngest Baker- I have come up with an idea to raise the extra money. I am offering my free time outside of my normal working hours to do any kind of service that you might need around your home. I can cook, bake, clean, do yard work, weed gardens, baby sit..If you have something around your house that needs done that you’d like someone else to do I am your gal!

I would like to make it clear that I am not asking for charity or gifts but offering to do honest hard work to earn enough money to help buy for plane tickets to see my husband’s family this summer. If you are interested please contact me and we can work out availability! I’ve included a list of things that I’ve thought of that I can do below, but I can pretty much handle anything :






-Homemade Granola


I can make homemade pasta

House Sit/Pet Sit

I can do your grocery shopping

Clean your house


Cut Grass

Weed Gardens

Help organize your garage

Wash/Detail Clean your car

Knit Scarves (haha)


Please spread the word, anything helps!

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The Wishing Tree: A Dutch Wedding Tradition

A wishing tree is a dutch wedding tradition that has gained popularity in the states in recent years. I found one on a crafting website and fell in love with it immediately. It is a very special way of letting friends and families convey their wishes to you. Here is a picture of a wishing tree that I found online and that made me love the look and idea of it:

Owen and I bought these hurricane vases this weekend at Ikea that look identical to the ones in this picture..I’m super excited that we found them, and for such a great price. ————–>            I’m also excited that most of the things we’ve bought for the wedding are things that we will be able to reuse in our home one day, making them even more practical and affordable!

There will be a few differences from this tree to our tree. For example our “wishing tags” will be navy blue and white to coordinate with the wedding colors. I’ve made ovals and rectangles, both featuring a different stamp that is bird related to go with The Aviary/Bird theme. Here are some of the ones I’ve already made:

I’ve already bought a few strings of pearls and I will still need to pick up a few strands of clear glass beads and a few little birds to finish off the decorations for the tree! All that will be left to get are the branches.. which I will be tromping through the woods very soon to find 🙂

I can’t wait until I am finished with this project! Our guest’s sentiments are very important to me which will make the tree a focal point of the reception. This is probably the most time consuming project that I have so I am looking forward to making sure that everything is ready, and packing it up until the big day so that I can move on to the smaller details!

Accompanying the tree on the table will be a sign which will instruct guests to “Leave your dreams and wishes for the Mr. and Mrs.” Just typing those words gives me chills! We’ve finally gotten to the point where the engagement doesn’t seem like it will never end..I feel like the wedding is right around the corner! I’m so very excited but terribly nervous all at the same time. I hope that I can pull everything off in the amount of time that I have left!

Don’t worry west coast reception people..I plan on having a wishing tree there also, that will look exactly the same as the one over here!

I can’t wait to share with you all what I plan on doing with these tags after the wedding..but for now, that will have to wait!

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The Aviary: A National Historic Place

The Aviary: A National Historic Place

The Aviary, located in Lynchburg’s Miller Park was built in 1902 by a one time Lynchburg Resident Randolph Guggenheimer.


In the 1930’s Miller Park played host to a traveling carnival during which the Aviary contained a zoo of: “Seven cages containing monkeys, one with at least a half dozen healthy alligators, one with cockatoos, one with Australian doves, one with parrots and one with canaries” (taken from The Aviary brochure) and it was added to the list of National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

It later served as a branch of the city library, and is now the perfect location for Owen’s and my wedding reception!

This is going to be a picture heavy post because I think that you really have to see it to fall in love with the building. This picture is absolutely my favorite that I have found (Stylistically) and it was actually taken (I found out after I stole it from the internet) at our good friends Rachel and David McKinney’s Wedding! Random fact: It is David that is going to marry us!

I think a big part of why I love that picture is because it was taken at the time of day that our reception will be held. The ceremony will be held at sunset with the reception being held from dusk until 10:15pm. This picture is what the aviary will look like during the full swing of the reception:



One feature that is unique to this building which I certainly didn’t expect is that inside there is a balcony that circles the perimeter of the main floor. We were really excited when we went to see the building because we will be able to utilize the balcony to achieve some really cool pictures 🙂 Here is a picture that shows the small staircase up to the balcony and the one that follows is the one of where it ends just out of the picture on the right side of the exit sign.



In this second picture you can see the railing on the floor, which lines the stairs that go down to the lower level which is where the bathrooms and storage are. Another great thing about the Aviary is that all of the tables and chairs are included in the rental, and the facility has a full size refrigerator/freezer and a stove for keeping cool and heating up the refreshments we will be serving. Okay last picture before I tell you how having the reception here at The Aviary affects the rest of the reception…


In this photo I love that there are the little lights wrapped around the wrought iron railing on the balcony. It makes me very anxious for my very own fairy tale reception in this building! The Aviary has SOO many amazing advantages!

First, the Aviary has so much architectural character! Which means we won’t have to decorate it for the building to have a very classy and fairy tale feel.

Second, the Aviary isn’t very big. It can hold up to 150 seated which is right around the number that we are expecting to have in attendance. It is great to help us keep the guest list down since we ARE on a budget and the fact that we live and work in Lynchburg, means there always seems to be another person who we could invite.

Third, the Aviary is CHEAP! We rented the building for 8 hours on a Saturday for $220! This was a huge budget saver and honestly the swaying factor… It is even more incredible considering, as I mentioned, that the tables and chairs are included and that there is a kitchen facility on the premises!

The last notable thing there is to say is that we are going to play off of the ‘Aviary’ a little bit and do our decorations in kind of a bird theme. One piece of the reception that we are really excited about is our wising tree..which will be adorned with small figurine birds and bird stamped wishing tags.. What’s a wishing tree you ask.. tune in next time to find out!

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Ruining the surpise…

The only real wedding update since my last post is that I have set the day for dress shopping! I am taking my best friends Leslie and Krista (Jessie can’t make it since she is in Indiana), my sister Melisa, and my mom! We are going to be shopping on October 16th in Richmond Va. I’ll have the ladies try on dresses while we are there also, and we’ll see if we can’t get something settled!

Also, before I share anything else about the wedding and the planning that is going on I just want to let you know that  I’ve been struggling with what to post, and what not to post because I do not want to ruin the surprise! I have all of these ideas, and now, still so early on in the planning stages, I don’t know what ideas are going to turn into concrete plans. ! So I’ve devised a poll to help figure out what you (the readers) would like most to read about! Here are examples of the form the blog would take based on the choices that I’ve made:

All of it: I picked out the decorations for the reception! Here are pictures: (and then I would include pictures)

Most of some surprises!: I would share general things like what the cake would look like, how many tiers it will be etc but I don’t tell what kind of cake it will be.

Update us on the progress..just leave out the details: I would say something like: “we’ve picked out our favors, and have ordered them” but I don’t tell you what they are.

Keep all of it a surprise: I’m not really sure how I would continue to blog if I didn’t tell anyone anything thing! I suppose it would look something like:………….okay..I can’t do it..I’ve got nothing!

The blog is in your hands now! The poll will be open for one week starting today! Let me know what you think 🙂

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