Ruining the surpise…

The only real wedding update since my last post is that I have set the day for dress shopping! I am taking my best friends Leslie and Krista (Jessie can’t make it since she is in Indiana), my sister Melisa, and my mom! We are going to be shopping on October 16th in Richmond Va. I’ll have the ladies try on dresses while we are there also, and we’ll see if we can’t get something settled!

Also, before I share anything else about the wedding and the planning that is going on I just want to let you know that  I’ve been struggling with what to post, and what not to post because I do not want to ruin the surprise! I have all of these ideas, and now, still so early on in the planning stages, I don’t know what ideas are going to turn into concrete plans. ! So I’ve devised a poll to help figure out what you (the readers) would like most to read about! Here are examples of the form the blog would take based on the choices that I’ve made:

All of it: I picked out the decorations for the reception! Here are pictures: (and then I would include pictures)

Most of some surprises!: I would share general things like what the cake would look like, how many tiers it will be etc but I don’t tell what kind of cake it will be.

Update us on the progress..just leave out the details: I would say something like: “we’ve picked out our favors, and have ordered them” but I don’t tell you what they are.

Keep all of it a surprise: I’m not really sure how I would continue to blog if I didn’t tell anyone anything thing! I suppose it would look something like:………….okay..I can’t do it..I’ve got nothing!

The blog is in your hands now! The poll will be open for one week starting today! Let me know what you think 🙂


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We are the Bakers! Finally. We love our lives and each other..most of all we love our Lord and Saviour.
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