The Aviary: A National Historic Place

The Aviary: A National Historic Place

The Aviary, located in Lynchburg’s Miller Park was built in 1902 by a one time Lynchburg Resident Randolph Guggenheimer.


In the 1930’s Miller Park played host to a traveling carnival during which the Aviary contained a zoo of: “Seven cages containing monkeys, one with at least a half dozen healthy alligators, one with cockatoos, one with Australian doves, one with parrots and one with canaries” (taken from The Aviary brochure) and it was added to the list of National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

It later served as a branch of the city library, and is now the perfect location for Owen’s and my wedding reception!

This is going to be a picture heavy post because I think that you really have to see it to fall in love with the building. This picture is absolutely my favorite that I have found (Stylistically) and it was actually taken (I found out after I stole it from the internet) at our good friends Rachel and David McKinney’s Wedding! Random fact: It is David that is going to marry us!

I think a big part of why I love that picture is because it was taken at the time of day that our reception will be held. The ceremony will be held at sunset with the reception being held from dusk until 10:15pm. This picture is what the aviary will look like during the full swing of the reception:



One feature that is unique to this building which I certainly didn’t expect is that inside there is a balcony that circles the perimeter of the main floor. We were really excited when we went to see the building because we will be able to utilize the balcony to achieve some really cool pictures 🙂 Here is a picture that shows the small staircase up to the balcony and the one that follows is the one of where it ends just out of the picture on the right side of the exit sign.



In this second picture you can see the railing on the floor, which lines the stairs that go down to the lower level which is where the bathrooms and storage are. Another great thing about the Aviary is that all of the tables and chairs are included in the rental, and the facility has a full size refrigerator/freezer and a stove for keeping cool and heating up the refreshments we will be serving. Okay last picture before I tell you how having the reception here at The Aviary affects the rest of the reception…


In this photo I love that there are the little lights wrapped around the wrought iron railing on the balcony. It makes me very anxious for my very own fairy tale reception in this building! The Aviary has SOO many amazing advantages!

First, the Aviary has so much architectural character! Which means we won’t have to decorate it for the building to have a very classy and fairy tale feel.

Second, the Aviary isn’t very big. It can hold up to 150 seated which is right around the number that we are expecting to have in attendance. It is great to help us keep the guest list down since we ARE on a budget and the fact that we live and work in Lynchburg, means there always seems to be another person who we could invite.

Third, the Aviary is CHEAP! We rented the building for 8 hours on a Saturday for $220! This was a huge budget saver and honestly the swaying factor… It is even more incredible considering, as I mentioned, that the tables and chairs are included and that there is a kitchen facility on the premises!

The last notable thing there is to say is that we are going to play off of the ‘Aviary’ a little bit and do our decorations in kind of a bird theme. One piece of the reception that we are really excited about is our wising tree..which will be adorned with small figurine birds and bird stamped wishing tags.. What’s a wishing tree you ask.. tune in next time to find out!


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  1. Rachel says:

    Niiiina, nina marie! 🙂 I just wanted to let you know that your venue is absolutely beautiful and I am so excited for you! ahhh you must be getting so excited! You will have so much fun and be such a beautiful bride 🙂 I cannot wait to see pictures of it all! ❤

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