The Wishing Tree: A Dutch Wedding Tradition

A wishing tree is a dutch wedding tradition that has gained popularity in the states in recent years. I found one on a crafting website and fell in love with it immediately. It is a very special way of letting friends and families convey their wishes to you. Here is a picture of a wishing tree that I found online and that made me love the look and idea of it:

Owen and I bought these hurricane vases this weekend at Ikea that look identical to the ones in this picture..I’m super excited that we found them, and for such a great price. ————–>            I’m also excited that most of the things we’ve bought for the wedding are things that we will be able to reuse in our home one day, making them even more practical and affordable!

There will be a few differences from this tree to our tree. For example our “wishing tags” will be navy blue and white to coordinate with the wedding colors. I’ve made ovals and rectangles, both featuring a different stamp that is bird related to go with The Aviary/Bird theme. Here are some of the ones I’ve already made:

I’ve already bought a few strings of pearls and I will still need to pick up a few strands of clear glass beads and a few little birds to finish off the decorations for the tree! All that will be left to get are the branches.. which I will be tromping through the woods very soon to find 🙂

I can’t wait until I am finished with this project! Our guest’s sentiments are very important to me which will make the tree a focal point of the reception. This is probably the most time consuming project that I have so I am looking forward to making sure that everything is ready, and packing it up until the big day so that I can move on to the smaller details!

Accompanying the tree on the table will be a sign which will instruct guests to “Leave your dreams and wishes for the Mr. and Mrs.” Just typing those words gives me chills! We’ve finally gotten to the point where the engagement doesn’t seem like it will never end..I feel like the wedding is right around the corner! I’m so very excited but terribly nervous all at the same time. I hope that I can pull everything off in the amount of time that I have left!

Don’t worry west coast reception people..I plan on having a wishing tree there also, that will look exactly the same as the one over here!

I can’t wait to share with you all what I plan on doing with these tags after the wedding..but for now, that will have to wait!


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We are the Bakers! Finally. We love our lives and each other..most of all we love our Lord and Saviour.
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