Sneak Peek into Married Life…

Yesterday was Sunday and I was privileged enough to get a little bit of a sneak peek into what my married life will hold. Owen and I decided to go to Sam’s Club for lunch after church for pizza, and then we went to his house. I REALLY wanted to bake a cake ( I think it’s just that time of the year) and Owen had a reading quiz and some studying for school to do. It was a nice day outside, so Owen’s roommate was out on the back porch with his dog Murk enjoying the weather. We had made dinner on Saturday night (well Owen made it and it was delicious) that we still had some dirty dishes and pots and pans from. So I made some dish water and began the dishes…I turned on the oven to let it heat up and cleaned the rest of the kitchen as I went. Owen, like the great student that he is, sat in the living room working on his quiz and studying his notes. Every once in a while I would turn around to see him sitting there being a good steward of what he has been given and be very thankful that I was the one that he picked to share the rest of his life with. It was during one of those precious moments that I realized that this was my first real sneak peek into married life. Usually when I am cleaning he is right there cleaning with me, or when he is studying I am studying also..but this day, we were perfectly content getting done what needed to get done. We were in separate rooms, but we were still near and that is what made all of the difference. It truly was the perfect day; I couldn’t have asked for anything more wonderful. He is a wonderful and responsible man who keeps me in line when I start to veer off to the crazy side 🙂 He helps me when I need help and he always has our best interest in mind. I know that I am able to trust him with the big decision making..he always makes the right decision. Trust me, I (more often than not) pitch in my 10 cents worth and talk him into following my decision which always always always turns out to be the wrong one. End of bragging. After my epiphany I baked the cake, and got it ready to head over to our friend Dan’s house to be desert after he made us dinner. The cake was in the shape of, and was decorated as, a candy corn..a really big piece of candy corn. Dan made us Thai Peanut Chicken Pasta for dinner which was amazing..I was skeptical at the beginning but he won me over! It was surreal to have to say good bye on Sunday night..our day had been so perfect that it seemed as if, even for a few hours, that we were already happily married. It just makes it that much more difficult to have to wait another 249 days for my life to begin!

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This is it…

This is it! The ground breaking mrandmrsbaker post! I realize that I am very gung-ho about this blog right now, and that that will probably change…but I am going to do my very best to keep this up-to-date. There isn’t much to say about the planning process yet..there hasn’t been much planned. To date we’ve been engaged for 1 month and a half. We’ve decided on some basic things and have secured the officiant. Now, the most pressing decision to be made is where the actual shindig will take place. We have several places in mind, all great locations with different advantages. I’ve fallen in love with a reception it is just a matter of reserving it in time (before someone else gets it), and finding a ceremony site not too far away that will work for our purposes. We want our big day to be perfect which makes it the tiniest bit stressful, even though we both agree that it will be perfect no matter what, even if we get married next to a dumpster (his words, not mine 🙂 )Today we went and looked at Hallmark, to see their custom printing section and get ideas from their samples for our save the dates and invitations. We’ve also registered, and that is very exciting, although we need to go through our lists and finalize them. We have yet to find bedding that we like, or a knife set and pots and pans. We need to do some research on knives, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to pass them on! I think I’ve found the pots and pans that I want..we’ll just have to register at one more store, I’ll let you know when we are ready for publication. Okay…list of things we’ve decided on so far:

Officiant: David McKinney Jr. (Worship Pastor for Liberty University)

Colors: Navy Blue and White with Light Pink Accents

Locale: Lynchburg(ish) Va Exact location TBD

Registered at: Macy’s, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond

Sad..but it is kind of true..this is all we’ve decided on 🙂  I almost forgot! We have an idea of what we want to do for our honeymoon, and just need to buy the plane tickets and everything will be set! Please don’t be offended..we aren’t telling anyone (at least that is the plan) where we are going. We’ve both been working crazy hours and it will be equally crazy for the next month or so. My goal is to have everything set in stone by February 1st, that way I can worry about the details and relax until the big day.

Pray for is long and stressful these days. Throw in planning and paying for a wedding, reception, and honeymoon. We’ll make it through..of this I’m sure. I love him so very much!

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